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Why can't you lose weight – With Healthy Eating!

Do you fall into any of the traps of weight? New health trends have created new opportunities, but also new traps. Although the seeds of healthy and rigorous training disciplines can be good so she can give a setback on the road. Here's the magazine diet some common mistakes we make.

Why can't you lose weight with healthy eating////////

A warning of the pitfalls of weight! Here are three common errors that do not reduce weight or waist circumference – even if you think you're dealing with healthy eating.find inside story Venus Factor
Practice — but overly dining


I practiced the exercises several times a week and pamper yourself with good food (and calorie rich), directly after a workout or at the weekend.

Sure, it's great training and exercise burns calories. But many believe that exercise burns more than we eat, in fact-so be careful especially for those who want to lose weight. This is a common problem to some extent. But there are studies that show that what we eat after training, we consume up to 30 percent more calories Adv. and then there will be less weight, may be rather than vice versa.

Fast half day-you are on the wrong track


The "good" during the fasting period, but when it is finished, eat too much.

It's easy to imagine that one cannot eat after fasting because it "saved" many calories you eat in a normal day, half-day fasting makes you gain weight because your body will retain the FAT during fasting.

Dealing with healthy eating – but too often


Nuts, seeds, whole wheat bread and unsweetened mix. But although these foods are beneficial, they contain a lot of calories – and can actually be a lot of public utilities.get further details

I think that many are located there. Because even healthy foods contain calories and few calories even. Err in judging how much and eat lightly over the top. Low calorie and healthy may well be completely different things.

Nuts are useful, but the calorie rich. Spinach, on the other hand, is both nutritious and calorie-saving.